Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Where are we located?

      Rasa Ria Reserve located along the stunning white sand beach of Pantai Dalit, Shangri-La Rasa Ria, Kota Kinabalu is just 40 minutes from Kota Kinabalu International Airport and 35 minutes from the city’s shopping and commercial district.

Adventure Points

    1. What does the obstacle course include? How long does it take?

      Obstacle course includes aerial net tunnels, a ropes course and a tunnel slide. How long does it take? This will depend on the age of the child. However we would envisage children being content to play in this section of Adventure Point for a considerable period of time/upwards of 30 mins.
    2. How long and high is the slide?

      The tunnel slide is approximately 10m.
    3. Which animal figures will there be? Are they all local animals? Do you have a chance to learn about these animals?

      To be confirmed, however all will be animals that live in our Nature Reserve, or in the surrounding Ocean. For instance the Pangolin, Western Tarsier, and Turtles.
    4. Do you have a chance to learn about these animals?

      Yes, our children’s team will arrange active learning sessions at different times during the week.
    5. How can guests booking the activities?

      1. Guest can book through our "Activity Booking System".
      2. Guest can go to the resort's Activity Information Centre at Garden Wing Lobby - The Shop or at Ocean Wing for booking and more information.

Nature Reserve

    1. Will guests be able to see what exhibits are available when they book? What are the exhibits?

      Yes, the exhibits are about providing information and awareness to the guests about the species of flora and fauna that can be found in our reserve.
    2. How long will the ranger visit last? Will the children get to take something away with them?

      Yes, they will. The Ranger visit will take approximately about 1hour to 30 minutes.
    3. Will the children get to take something away with them?

      For the Ranger experience activity, the junior ranger will take away with them; A Shangri-La Rasa Ria Reserve Ranger T-Shirt, Cap, Silicone Bottle, Easy Bag and Certificate.
    4. What are the unique insights from the ecosystem?

      The natural excitements performed on close encounters with flora, fauna and adventurous tracks in Rasa Ria Reserve.
    5. What is the focus of supervised ranger experience?

      The Ranger experience will focus on safety, information and knowledge as well as preparing the right guidelines with an early understanding about nature.
    1. How long do you have on the deck?

      Guests will approximately spend about 30 minutes on the deck to delight in the scenic views while enjoying some light refreshments.
    2. How high up is the deck?

      The summit is elevated at 98 metres from the sea level and the deck measured roughly about 5 to 8 metres from the hill side.
    3. What can you see?

      The breathtaking sceneries including a backdrop of Mt. Kinabalu, half the Dalit Bay Golf Course, Shahbandar Beach, Tambalang Mangrove River, Laya-Laya Village and Flora & Fauna.
    4. What do you travel through to get there?

      Jungle trekking. This consist of hiking up and down the trail which is elevated about 45 to 65 gradient degrees.
    5. Can you reserve a spot on the deck or the entire deck for a certain amount of time?

      The deck is an open area for guests who are joining any of our regular jungle trekking activities. Private tour is available however advanced booking is recommended.
    6. What will be served as Light Refreshment?

      Skewed local fruits and fresh juice.
    1. What is it near? How do you get there? What do you see around you?

      Natural rain catchment which will encourage animals to feed and take water. It is located down by the hill side of Lolobuhan Trail.
    2. Are all the animal’s native? Are they easy to see?

      For mammals and reptiles, it is mostly rescued by the Sabah Wildlife Department and translocated at the reserve. Bird existence were native to the Lands of Rasa Ria and some of the species might slip in our list as migratory species by seasons and weathers. Therefore all the wildlife will roam freely within the 64-acres reserved area.
    3. Any specific requirements for seeing the nocturnal animals? What are the best times? What animals are included?

      Nocturnal animals can be encountered in the wild reserve during the Night Walk or Sunrise Walk activity. The best time for Sunrise Walk is at 5am & Night Walk at 7pm.
    1. How long in distance are the walks?

      There are 6 trail system based on the Rasa Ria Reserve map. It is approximantely about 1 KM to 3.8 KM per activity per trail.
    2. How long do they take? Do you need to take anything with you?

      The trails take about 1 hour to 1.5 hour to hike. As advised and recommended, please use covered or sport shoes, long trousers, insect repellent, and own drinking water.
    3. Can you go alone? Do you have to go in a group?

      Guests or visitors are not allowed to go into the reserve on their own. It MUST be guided by a Ranger.
      *Most of the hiking activities will be joined with other guests and the maximum capacity will be up to 6 person per session. A private or Personalized Tour is also available – we highly suggest guests to book the Personalized Tour in advance as it is subjected to availability.
    4. Do you have to book in with a ranger?

      Yes. Minimum 2 persons, and Maximum of 6 person per guide.
    5. What do you see? What do you pass through?

      Attraction including various Flora and Fauna
    6. Do you have a map? Which animals might you be able to spot?

      Nunuk Trail

      • 0.3km (approximately)
      • Traditional traps
      • Insects, mammals, fig tree and palm species
      • Long tailed macaques and Medicinal plants

      Timpak Pogimpaan Trail

      • 3.6 km (approximately)
      • Traditional traps
      • Insects, mammals, fig tree and palm species
      • Long tailed macaques
      • Medicinal plants

      Tindohuon Trail

      • 3.6 km (approximately)
      • Medicinal plants and palm species
      • Types of herbs species
      • Insects and long tailed macaques

      Belud Trail

      • 4.8 km (approximately)
      • Medicinal plants and fig tree
      • Sea cycads
      • Long tailed macaques

      Ponitihan/Canopy Trail

      • 3.6 km (approximately)
      • Medicinal plants and palm species
      • Insects and long tailed macaques
      • Canopy Walkway – 10m high & 30m long.

      Nintorusan Trail

      • 4.6 km (approximately)
      • Mammals – mouse deer, civet cat, western tarsier, slow loris etc.
      • Insects and long tailed macaques
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