Frequently Asked Questions

Adventure Playground

What does the obstacle course include? How long does it take?

Obstacle course includes aerial net tunnels, a ropes course and a tunnel slide. How long does it take? This will depend on the age of the child. However we would envisage children being content to play in this section of Adventure Point for a considerable period of time/upwards of 30 mins

How long and high is the slide?

The tunnel slide is approximately 10m

Which animal figures will there be? Are they all local animals? Do you have a chance to learn about these animals?

To be confirmed, however all will be animals that live in our Nature Reserve, or in the surrounding Ocean. For instance the Pangolin, Western Tarsier, and Turtles

Do you have a chance to learn about these animals?

Yes, our children’s team will arrange active learning sessions at different times during the week.

What is the treehouse made from? Is it traditional? Did a treehouse serve a purpose in the past? How long is the swing? How high can you go on the swing? How many people fit on the swing?

Natural hard wood from Borneo. Is it traditional? Final design still TBC Did a treehouse serve a purpose in the past? Yes, in the North of Sabah the Bongi trip historically lived in Tree Houses How long is the swing? How high can you go on the swing? Not particularly high, but certainly enough to have lots of fun. Two types of swing - a nest swing (standard playground height) which will fit two, or three children depending on size and a large enclosed basket swing (suspended from a tripod of approximately 10m), which is access from an opening at the bottom of the basket. This will hold five, or six children

How long is the zipline? How high is the zipline? Where does the zipline travel to and from?

Junior zip line. There will be two parallel lines (therefore two zips) of about 30m in length. The gradient is gentle so children do not require any harness. Children get on the “button “style seat and travel down a gradient. A spring mechanism safely controls the finish.

Discovery Center – Nature Pass

Will guests be able to see what exhibits are available when they book? What are the exhibits?

Yes, the exhibits are available for the guests to see. The exhibits will showcase the flora and fauna endemic to Sabah and also live exhibits.

How long will the ranger visit last? Will the children get to take something away with them?

The Ranger visit will take approximately about 1.5hrs to 3hrs.

Will the children get to take something away with them?

For the Ranger experience, the children will take away with them a Rasa Ria Reserve t-shirt and a Certificate.

What are the unique insights from the ecosystem?

Unique insights of the ecosystem are flora, fauna and adventure

What is the focus of supervised ranger experience?

The Ranger experience will focus on safety, information and knowledge.

Breakfast with View via Ria Lookout

How long do you have on the deck?

Whole program is 2 hr.

How high up is the deck?


What can you see?

Backdrop of Mt. Kinabalu, Flora & Fauna.

What do you travel through to get there?

Jungle trekking

Can you reserve a spot on the deck or the entire deck for a certain amount of time?

The deck is dedicated for Breakfast and afternoon jungle trekking, max 20 persons per session.

What will be served as breakfast?

A combination of Continental and local breakfast

Watering Hole

What is it near? How do you get there? What do you see around you?

Natural rain catchment which will encourage animals to feed and take water.

Are all the animal’s native? Are they easy to see?

Animal - Endemic to Borneo, they are roaming freely within 64-acre

Any specific requirements for seeing the nocturnal animals? What are the best times? What animals are included?

The schedule is at 7pm to 9pm

Nature Pass

How long in distance are the walks?

6 trail system with map – around 1.5hr to 2.0hr per trail

How long do they take? Do you need to take anything with you?

All provided, trekking bag and mineral water

Can you go alone? Do you have to go in a group?

MUST be with a guide

Do you have to book in with a ranger?

Minimum 2 persons, Max 8 person per guide.

What do you see? What do you pass through?

Attraction – Flora and Fauna

Do you have a map? Which animals might you be able to spot?

Entomology Trail

  • 0.3km (approximately)
  • Insects and termites mound
  • Medicinal plants and palm species
  • Reptiles

Native Trail

  • 0.1km (approximately)
  • Traditional traps
  • Insects, mammals,, fig tree and palm species
  • Long tailed macaques
  • Medicinal plants

Herbal Trail

  • 1.3km
  • Medicinal plants and palm species
  • Types of herbs species
  • Insects and long tailed macaques

Adventure Trail

  • 2.5km (approximately)
  • Medicinal plants and fig tree
  • Sea cycads
  • Long tailed macaques

Canopy Walkway Trail

  • 0.5km (approximately)
  • Medicinal plants and palm species
  • Insects and long tailed macaques
  • Canopy Walkway – 10m high

Wildlife Trail

  • 1.5km (approximately)
  • Mammals – mouse deer, civet cat, western tarsier, slow loris etc.
  • Insects and long tailed macaques
Bamboo Orchestra

Join us every Saturday evening at 6pm at Sampan Bar and be serenaded by the local sounds of Sabah as you enjoy your drink and beautiful Sabah sunset.

Cultural Night Dinner

Be entertained by a cultural performance of the Kadazan and Murut tribes of Sabah as you indulge in the famous Malaysian cuisines in our Malaysian Hawker Stall concept restaurant, Tepi Laut – Makan Street.

Guided Bicycle Tour

Explore the nearby Tuaran town and experience the famous Sunday market in the company of the local Sabahan community or during the normal days, take the guided tour to nearby Kampung Terayong for an extremely scenic workout.